Hazardous waste criteria are defined by the US Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), 40 CFR, part 261. Consult the criteria listed in RCRA 40 CFR, part 261 for assessing and identifying hazardous materials, as well as package labeling and MSDS information for the chemicals and liquids being cleaned up for proper disposal and handling guidelines.

Chemsorb that has been used with non-hazardous waste, as defined by RCRA, 40 CFR, part 261, may be disposed of by landfill, incineration or land-based remediation.

When used with hazardous waste, always dispose of contaminated Chemsorb products, other contaminated materials and residual waste in accordance with federal laws, and with local and state laws which may vary by location of the spill or clean-up activity. Consult package labeling and MSDS information for additional guidelines for disposal and handling.

After use in a spill cleanup, uncontaminated Chemsorb may be re-used. For more information about the RCRA, visit the EPA’s website at: http://www.epa.gov/wastes/inforesources/online/index.htm