Chemsorb is a revolutionary, high-performance sorbent that combines extraordinary absorption power with safe, convenient disposal to handle today’s hazardous waste disposal problems.


Chemsorb is a universal sorbent, specially designed for the control and pick up of land-based spills of industrial, aviation, automotive, medical, municipal and agricultural liquids and chemicals.

The Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA), enacted in 1976, requires a Spill, Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan for users of hazardous materials, making users responsible for the control, cleanup, and legal disposal of hazardous waste spills. Chemsorb was designed to assist you in the execution of such a plan.

Since most spills do 90% of their damage in the first few moments, rapid response in the removal of the spill is essential. Chemsorb sorbents work faster, with more sorbent capacity than any other product on the market.



Chemsorb General Absorbent is a nonselective, high surface area, rapidly absorbing solution that soaks up any liquid material.

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nonfood compounds

Tested and certified by the NSF as an absorbent or anti-slip agent under Federal meat and poultry programs.



Since most spills do 90% of their damage in the first few moments, Chemsorb is designed to be light, easy to handle and absorb 3 times faster than other spill response products.



Chemsorb can absorb up to 21 times its own weight and is 15 times more effective in its absorbtion capacity by weight than other spill response products


indefinite shelf life

If stored unopened, Chemsorb has a long shelflife, ensuring it is ready to leave a safe and cleaner environment.


environmentally safe

100% Natural and Environmentally safe! Chemsorb is a naturally-occuring mineral that will not polute the environment.



Chemsorb has independently tested over 100 liquids for absorbency performance; including with acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, pesticides and chlorinated compounds. Custom performance testing is also available for additional liquid chemicals.


Delivery Options

Available in a broad range of delivery configurations, including Pillows, Diking Tubes, Sorbent Booms, Bulk Packs, Drums and a variety of complete Spill Response Kits.



Chemsorb is ideal for use in a spill maintenance program – by diking around the base of spill or leak-prone equipment in your plant.