When it comes to sorbent performance, we don’t believe it’s enough to merely state whether a sorbent is compatible with specific liquid chemicals and solutions. That’s why we provide Chemsorb individual pick-up ratings – by volume and weight, in English and Metric – for a range of industrial liquids.

This makes it easy to calculate how much Chemsorb General Absorbent (SP30GA) you will need on hand to respond to a spill, according to container volume or weight of the liquid. And as the quantity of transported and stored liquid volumes increases, knowing how much sorbent is required becomes even more critical.

The Chemsorb Absorption Data Chart shown below provides independent test lab pick-up data for the General Absorbent (SP30GA) formula with industrial, agricultural, chlorinated and caustic liquids. If you don’t see what you need here, contact us for an evaluation of your particular need.