Customized Packaging

In addition to a range of standard products, Chemsorb offers customized spill response kits and pack-outs for a variety of specialized applications. Kits can be packed in portable nylon bags, pails, drums, cabinets or in bulk configurations.
Specialty Kits can include any combination of Chemsorb spill response products, including:

  • Any of the 5 different loose Absorbents
  • SP30GA – General Absorbent
  • SP40FR – Flammable Liquid Retardant
  • SP50SS – Slick Stopper, Oil only
  • SP60AN – Acid Neutralizing
  • SP70 CA – Caustic Alkaline Neutralizing
  • Pillows, diking tubes and/or pads
  • Personal Protection Equipment – respirators, gloves, shoe/boot covers and more
  • Clean up Accessories

Private Label

The Chemsorb technology can also be offered in various private-labeled offerings, as an extension of a branded family of products, or for distributors with private-labeled or house brands.

Customized Performance Testing

The Chemsorb Absorbents have been independently tested with over 100 liquid chemicals with application in industrial, aviation, automotive, manufacturing, medical, municipal and agricultural applications. If we don’t have your chemical listed in the Performance Chart, compatibility and absorbency testing can be conducted for your specific needs.

We can also report on content requirements, as we did for the Bosch Group of companies to meet internal acceptability standards for Chemsorb as defined in their Bosch-Norm N 2580 standard.

Contact us for your specific needs and production requirements at 800-340-3413 or